Discovery Platform

We have a highly productive discovery platform that continues to yield a portfolio rich in potential first-in-class and best-in-class compounds. Our discovery platform features small signaling molecule discovery (TIMES), computational predictive modeling (3D-GOLD) and nanoscale drug targeting and delivery. Working in concert, these technologies enables us to screen, select and optimize large numbers of compounds while retaining stringent selection criteria.

TIMES Platform (The Inhibitors of Multi-Expression Signals)
A discovery platform of small molecule inhibitors of multiple signaling molecules
In treating cancers, the combinational use of multiple cytotoxic drugs significantly increases the types and severity of harmful adverse reactions that patients experience. To address this issue, we utilize compound screening technology to streamline the drug discovery process prior to laboratory experimentation. Rexahn’s proprietary TIMES small molecule signaling technology has enabled us to discover more than a dozen targets involved in cancer proliferation. Using TIMES, we can more efficiently develop compounds with significantly increased efficacy and decreased undesirable side-effects.

3D-GOLD Platform (3D-Gateway Of Ligand Discovery)
A discovery tool of computational predictive molecular modeling
3D-GOLD is an integrated computational modeling tool of 3D-finger printing/pharmacophore, 3D-QSAR/proprietary QCID, 3D-ligand constructs, and 3D-dockings, that helps to predict the structural activity relationship of molecules using 3-dimensional models. 3D-GOLD is actively working to help Rexahn discover novel lead compounds. Leveraging this system, we are able to more effectively develop predictive models, formulate and test hypotheses for optimizing efficacy and increasing drug safety and bioavailability early in the process of drug discovery.
For more details, please refer to the QSID scientific article (Park DS, Kim JM, Lee YB, Ahn CH. QSID Tool: A new three-dimensional QSAR environmental tool. J Comput Aided Mol Des. 2008).

Nanoscale drug targeting and delivery
Development of innovative nanomedicines with higher efficacy and lower toxicity
In collaboration with nano-technology leaders, Rexahn is developing cutting-edge drug delivery systems that could increase bio-availability while minimizing adverse reactions. These technologies are based on nano-liposome and polymer encapsulation of existing medicines, an effective strategy to prolong drug action among other benefits.